BlueGreen’s portfolio currently consists of 2 marketed products and 2 development programs:

Lake Guard™ Blue and Lake Guard™ Oxy, are floating, slow-releasing formulations of market-approved algaecides designed to prevent the intensification of cyanobacterial toxic blooms in freshwater bodies (aka “blue green algae”). The products are market approved and hard tested in multiple markets, including in Israel, the United States, China and South Africa.

They are both certified internationally to meet the NSF/ANSI/CAN 60 standard for drinking water.

Lake Guard™ Blue (SDS)

Lake Guard™ Blue (Label)

Lake Guard™ Oxy (SDS)

Lake Guard™ Oxy (Label)

Lake Guard™ Alum is a floating, slow-releasing formulation of aluminum sulphate, currently under development, and designed to replace existing burdensome and expensive alum treatments methods with a cost-effective one.

Lake Guard™ White is a floating, slow-releasing formulation of NaDCC (chlorine as the active ingredient), currently under development and designed to provide an additional, most cost-effective protection against cyanobacterial blooms.

BlueGreen is also heavily engaged in the growth of certain algae for:

1. Inhibition of toxic cyanobacteria blooms.
2. Plant protection against bacterial and fungal diseases and alternative antibiotic treatment.