Proof of Concept with the use of Lake Guard Oxy™ against Prymnesium sp.

Place: Maagan Michael, Israel

Date: May 2017

A treatment-trial against Prymnesium sp. was conducted in Kibbutz Maagan Michael, Israel, in collaboration with the local Fish Health Laboratory.

We concluded that two consecutive treatments of 50-100 ppm of Lake Guard Oxy™ at time-intervals of 3 hours apart was enough to eliminate Prymnesium sp. without adversely impacting other phytoplankton in the water.

While Prymnesium sp. disappeared from the water immediately after treatment, no significant change was detected for other water parameters, incl. specific conductivity, pH, temperature and Chlorophyll-a.

Moreover, fish were found susceptible to said H2O2 concentrations. This methodology is in agreement with work previously done by Profs. Aaron Kaplan at the Hebrew University and Assaf Vardi from the Weizmann Institute, Israel.

Prymnesium sp. was also treated with Lake Guard Blue™, as can be seen in the pictures below, at the concentration of 2 g/m.