Project Manager

Locations: Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia.

We are a global WaterTech start-up headquartered in Israel with a local presence in the US, China, and South Africa. We implement our cutting-edge technology and smart products in contaminated water bodies across the globe in order to mitigate toxic algal blooms and lead to their extensive recovery. In other words: we make water safe. We’re looking for passionate, trustworthy people who are as determined as we are to fix the world’s most urgent environmental issues, making it a better place for people and all living creatures. 

 The Role:

The Project Manager will be a key member of the BlueGreen team and will interface in and between the company, client, and additional stakeholders. The primary purpose of this role will be to manage remediation projects from A-Z, provide customer service and technical support for sales. This will include pre-project planning, project execution, and project close out. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for monitoring and responding to all required parameters on a weekly/monthly basis, and before and after major treatments of water bodies.
  • Write technical and analytical reports that detail all project activities and incorporate field and laboratory data along with the appropriate logs.
  • Responsible for writing and submitting reports in a timely manner.
  • Submit weekly and monthly reports as well as treatment notification after each treatment. At the end of the project, submit a comprehensive report about each project and summarize the project goals and achievements for presentation purposes.
  • Provide detailed monitoring and quality assurance project plan.
  • Post treatment notifications.
  • Provide technical assistance in grant and project proposals.
  • Conduct or coordinate all aspects from monitoring, treatment, and reporting.
  • Maintain stocks of calibration solutions and proper containers to collect water samples throughout the project.
  • Calibrate instruments prior to data collection and maintaining proper calibration sheets and associated logs.
  • Collect field data and water samples from multiple locations in the water body according to schedule.
  • Collect and gather all data from monitoring in appropriate format.
  • Coordinate treatment application with licensed contractors and local agencies.
  • Coordinate with contractors to collect all required data from a vessel/boat and maintain proper field data worksheet and logs.
  • Coordinate staging with licensed contractors and local agencies, including clearing the area post treatment.
  • Coordinate water sample delivery to appropriate laboratories and maintain proper logs.
  • Coordinate product allocation and logistics.
  • Ensure licensed subcontractors follow treatment plans.
  • Keep appropriate logs.
  • Provide customer service and technical support for sales.
  • Provide technical support, including product demo, for sales purpose.
  • Provide professional customer support in a timely manner. 

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • B.Sc. in environmental
    science or equivalent (microbiology, earth studies, water engineering, geology,
    environmental chemistry).
  • Master’s degree- advantage.
  • Ability to multitask and coordinate among different agencies, and meet strict deadlines.
  • Must have excellent communication skills, with native proficiency in English (reading, writing, and speaking).
  • Field experience in aquatic ecosystems, including collecting water samples and raw field measurements while adhering to high quality standards, and the ability to analyze field data with relevant software. Experience in microscopy work is a plus.
  • Experience in writing technical and analytical reports.
  • Willingness to travel for 7-10 days to project sites, at high frequency during HAB season.  
  • Good skills in statistical analysis – advantage.
  • Experience in supervising field projects – advantage.
  • Good understanding of cyanobacterial blooms – advantage.
  • Experience with environmental regulations – advantage.

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