ICYMI: Mahikeng celebrates safe drinking water – Food For Mzansi

Source: Food For Mzansi

A leading international water technology firm announced this week that its water clean-up intervention at the Setumo Dam in North West was completed successfully. For the first time in decades, residents of Mahikeng are now drinking safe water from their major water supply source, which had been severely contaminated by poisonous algal blooms.

BlueGreen Water Technologies announced that the successful treatment at Setumo Dam also removed unsavoury taste and odour components from the drinking water.

The algae outbreak at Setumo Dam was regarded as one of Mzansi’s worst. The significant cayanobacterial load was caused over decades by sewage not being properly cleaned and dumped directly into the dam. The dam was said to be untreatable due to its size and level of contamination.

“BlueGreen is committed to making water safe,” explains Eyal Harel, CEO and co-founder of the company.

“We undertook this project pro bono, knowing it was the only chance for this community to access clean drinking water, to enjoy Setumo Dam as a safe water source and to unleash its potential for recreational purposes. We wish to empower local authorities to reclaim their water sources and advance the health and livelihood of their communities.”