Lake Guard® Oxy Treatment -Oak Park Mobile Home Village Marina, Florida, USA

Application Report

Place: Oak Park Mobile Home Village Marina, C-43 canal/Caloosahatchee River, Florida, USA

Date: 29 May 2021 & 9 June 2021


This remediation project objective was to handle, contain, and eliminate ongoing cyanobacterial blooms in residential areas that span along a 48-mile length segment of the C-43 Canal/Caloosahatchee River, from the S-77 (Moore Haven Lock & Dam) to Fort Myers, in order to minimize their impact on health and quality of life

BlueGreen’s technical experts together with Modica and Associates (Modica), licensed applicators, have assessed the C-43 Canal and its adjacent waterways in order to establish a proper mitigation protocol for the treatment regimen designed to target cyanobacterial outbreaks in progress, as well as to mitigate the developing conditions that may lead to such outbreaks in residential canals. Treatment was conducted with the Lake Guard® Oxy product, approved by the U.S. EPA, certified by the NSF/ANSI/CAN-60 for treatment in drinking water, and registered with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

Presented below is one of the 56 different sites for which 112 treatments and retreatments were applied, using a total amount of 10,260 lb (5.1 tons) of the Lake Guard® Oxy product. Location, estimated area, aerial photos, site photos, treatment date, time, dosage and total amount, and additional measurement data (if available) are presented for each site.

Site 38 – details of the treatment conducted by BlueGreen/ Modica

 Location and estimated area

Treatment details

29 May

29 May

30 May

1 June

1 June

1 June


In total, BlueGreen/ Modica inspected, treated and maintained residential canals over a 48-mile long river segment, conducting a total amount of 112 treatments/ retreatments at 56 different sites.

The treatments provided immediate relief to the residents that suffered from heavy blooms near their homes and a strong foul odor that accompanied the blooms.

While saxitoxins values exhibit no clear trend, a general trend of decrease in toxin levels is demonstrated for microcystins / nodularins.