Data Science

Before treatment comes diagnosis. We use cutting-edge data science analytics to detect, analyze and predict water quality issues in any body of water, no matter how big or small. Whether you are concerned about algal blooms in a municipal lake or simply want to know if a local pond is safe, BlueGreen has the tools.


Using satellite and/or drone images, our proprietary AI and deep learning model can provide an accurate assessment of the water quality and level of algal blooms. The process is fully remote and based on images and does not require any on-site visits. Let us gather the data and perform the analytics for you, or you can upload your own satellite, drone or smartphone (coming soon) images to our website. We will share the analysis with you in a detailed report.

LAKE GUARD®️ SPOT (Coming soon)

Apply our easy-to-use spot-testing strips and analyzer (compatible with most mobile phones) to get an instantaneous algal bloom reading for your water body. Get the real-time data needed to make important daily decisions based on water quality and safety.