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Proof of Concept with the use of Lake Guard Oxy™ against Prymnesium sp.

14:10 31 May in Early PoC Work, Field Trail

Place: Maagan Michael, Israel Date: May 2017 A treatment-trial against Prymnesium sp. was conducted in Kibbutz Maagan Michael, Israel, in collaboration with the local Fish Health Laboratory. We concluded that two consecutive treatments of 50-100 ppm of Lake Guard Oxy™ at time-intervals of 3 hours apart was enough to eliminate Prymnesium sp....

Evaluation of Delivery Mechanism in Large Scale Aerial Application

15:44 30 May in Early PoC Work, Field Trail

Place: Mesilat Zion Reservoir, Israel Date: July 2015 Rationale Our previous trials established that a floating, slow-releasing algaecide is significantly more effective in controlling cyanobacterial blooms than the same compounds in their generic formulations. As a next step, BlueGreen Water Technologies set out to evaluate the usability of...

Commercial Application Demonstration of Lake Guard Blue™

13:41 29 June in Field Trail, Global Application

Place: Lev Hanegev Reservoir, Israel Date: May 2017 Rationale: The “Lev Hanegev” reservoir is managed by Mekorot, Israel’s national water company, supplying reclaimed wastewater for irrigation purposes. The reservoir is prone to repeated algal blooms (diatoms or Chlorella-like sp) which clog irrigation pipes and mandate regular treatment. Mekorot is...