Author: Dr. Moshe Harel

Anatomy of a Bloom

05:15 19 September in Blog

What is an algal bloom? To understand that it is necessary to understand that a body of water – lake, artificial pond, reservoir – is more than just a bunch of water all in one place. Any open body of water plays host to a...

Proof of Concept with the use of Lake Guard Oxy™ against Prymnesium sp.

14:10 31 May in Early PoC Work, Field Trail

Place: Maagan Michael, Israel Date: May 2017 A treatment-trial against Prymnesium sp. was conducted in Kibbutz Maagan Michael, Israel, in collaboration with the local Fish Health Laboratory. We concluded that two consecutive treatments of 50-100 ppm of Lake Guard Oxy™ at time-intervals of 3 hours apart was enough to eliminate Prymnesium sp....

Evaluation of Delivery Mechanism in Large Scale Aerial Application

15:44 30 May in Early PoC Work, Field Trail

Place: Mesilat Zion Reservoir, Israel Date: July 2015 Rationale Our previous trials established that a floating, slow-releasing algaecide is significantly more effective in controlling cyanobacterial blooms than the same compounds in their generic formulations. As a next step, BlueGreen Water Technologies set out to evaluate the usability of...

Chippewa Lake (OH), USA
Rehabilitating an Aquatic Ecosystem in a Natural Lake

07:00 18 September in Global Application, Uncategorized

Location: Chippewa Lake, Medina County, Ohio Set up: A 330-acre recreational water body of historical and ecological significance. Chippewa Lake is Ohio’s largest inland natural lake situated in Medina County, Ohio. This natural lake is used for fishing, canoeing, boating, and water-skiing. It includes two beaches...